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Amanita Mushroom™

love this little cutie :)

Just got Amanita for my wife and she loves gardening/mushroom visuals. Amanita is the perfect fit. So fuzzy, soft and sits without falling. Absolutely love this little cutie :)
Daniel G.

September 23, 2023

Gribble Goblin™

He's my absolute favorite

I buy a lot of stuffed animals big and small--I saw this cute goblin and on a whim decided to add him to my cart. Let me tell you, he's my absolute favorite. A great mint pastel green color, very soft and slouchy in the cutest way, plus a big friendly smile. He lights up my day in a way I didn't expect. His mix of bean style plush gives him a cute, weighty bottom half with the most adorable lil feet and hands to hold onto. I don't really use small stuffed toys as comfort or fidget/stress toys but Gribble is delightfully easy to pinch, hold, dance, and set on my shoulder while I'm needing to do something with my hands. I hope everyone considers getting their own new palm pal, my bias is towards Gribble of course.

August 31, 2023

Gwen Banana™

10/10 mass ap-peel

My dad saw my Airy Avocado and asked me if Palm Pals has a banana. Little does he know that they do! I cannot wait to give him a tiny Gwen for his birthday. 10/10 mass ap-peel for dads and daughters alike. Sorry 4 dad joke

September 5, 2023

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