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Hello and how do you do - Palm Pals are ready to party with you! Introducing a growing brand filled with charm, charisma, and cuteness, Palm Pals is a plush brand of fun-sized characters ready to be your new bestie.

Pump up the party!

Each Palm Pal has their own quirky personality and with more characters being introduced frequently, this Palm Pal party will never end! Create a collection all of your own and curate the best band of Palm Pals that match your style. From the slowest sloth to the sweetest strawberry, there's a palm pal for everyone.

What is a Palm Pal?

Perfection in the palm of your hand, Palm Pals are wee-sized plushies eager to make your acquaintance. With a variety of collection groups to pick from, watch as your Palm Pals collection grows with crazy cute characters. Collect them all to see each of their personalities shine and see which one will be your next favorite!

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